Event Planners

5 Reasons Event Planners Love Working with James

1. Business Professional

Immediately after graduating college with a double major in Communications & Business, James was the owner of over $1 Million in real estate through a real estate investment company he started. He has built his own training business from training a few hundred each year, to being one of the top level training companies in the country for both youth and top-level executives. James not only talks the talk, but he successfully implements his message.

2. A Famous Story to Tell

James has grown up with one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country being part of his everyday life. His dad, ‘Famous Dave’ Anderson has been teaching James throughout his life the strategies that only he knows, which took a small restaurant in Hayward, Wisconsin to being the top award winning restaurants in history! James was there, through the success and failure, and will tell you all about it!

3. Your Audience Will Connect!

James has a natural ability to connect with any audience using his stories & humor. His attention to detail makes him an entertaining yet inspiring speaker for any group. James will customize his stories and message to your specific group in order to bring out the best results while also helping to achieve your objective.

4. Successful Author

James is the author of Yesterday’s Wisdom, Today’s Success and Great Results Start with Great Thoughts for Teens. He is also the co-author of Recipes for Success that was written with his dad, ‘Famous’ Dave Anderson. Whether you order these materials for your audience at a bulk rate, or have them for individual sale in the back for attendees, these materials are a great resource for ongoing inspiration!

5. You Don’t Pay Travel in the Twin Cities!

James is a Twin Cities resident and has a great relationship in the Minneapolis/St.Paul community. There is no travel expense when you book him for a local event, which will save you that line item in your budget!